Brewday Pics

So, we brewed another 20 gallons on Sunday.  I made the Witbier recipe I posted last week, and Jim made a Cream Ale.

Things went well, although I goofed up with one of my grains.  The recipe called for 2 lbs of Flaked Oats.  The ones I snagged were the Old Fashioned Quaker oats and not the instant (pre-gelatinized).  I didn’t notice this until I had already mashed in.  Since this made up some of the potential fermentables, my OG suffered 4 points,  1.048 instead of 1.052.

Still, everything else went pretty well, and I’m excited about the beer.

One last thing.  If you have ever fermented with WLP400, you know that it needs a lot of headroom.  I have never made a beer with this yeast and NOT had to use a blow-off system.  It is a top fermenting yeast in the truest sense of the word.

Check out the pics below.


~ by kungfool on May 4, 2009.

One Response to “Brewday Pics”

  1. Your ipod needs moar gangsta rap. Just wait until we make the malt liquor on the 24th. I’m trying to find an old school LA Raiders hat just for the brewday.

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