General Update

OK, so long time no post.  I’m just going to post some general news and other tidbits along with some random photos.

First, had a GREAT time at the Augusta Bottoms Beer Festival on Saturday.  Our local homebrew club, Garage Brewers Society had a booth there along with several professional breweries.  Lots of great beers there, and once again we were a hit, winning Favorite Brewery this year!  Very exciting.

Best 'Brewery' Winners! Go GBF!

Best 'Brewery' Winners! Go GBS!

Next, I have used the Conical  Fermenator twice so far, with good results.  It is very nice for getting a nice clear product straight into the kegs, for harvesting yeast, and kegging is very fast since you can pressurize the fermentor.  Only drawback so far is it does take some time to sanitize.   I’ve made a point to get it filled with sanitizer the night before brewdays now.

In early August, a few friends an I went up north on a brewery tour.  We hit Piece in Chicago, Three Floyds, Two Brothers, Bell’s,  and Founders.  Had a great time, and it was very cool to taste so many of those beers fresh from the tap. Puts a new perspective on quite a few of the great beers those breweries make.

Lastly, I did a harvest of my hop plants.  Ended up with 1.6 lbs wet which turned into about 6 oz dry.  I dried them on a screen and vacuum packed them with a Foodsaver.  I hope to use them (Cascade) in an APA or hoppy wheat beer soon.

Pics of all described above and more below.


~ by kungfool on October 5, 2009.

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  1. Captain Kick Ass

  2. What I failed to capture were Dave’s numerous high-fives during our walk from Founders to Hop Cat and then back to the hotel.

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