Blue Agave Brewday

So, for round 2 of the Iron Brewer Tournament, I drew 11.75 oz of Blue Agave Nectar.  After doing some reading, I determined that I should probably use more if I want to get some flavor out of it, so I bought another 23.5 oz container, and this was the amber variety (seems to have more flavor).

For the base beer, I decided to do an American Wheat, with WLP320 as the yeast.  I also decided that some citrus might complement the Agave, so I threw in some sweet orange peel and lime zest toward the end of the boil.

I was estimating a 1.053 OG…only hit 1.047.  I’m thinking I overestimated the potential SG of the Agave Nectar.  Still, 1.047 is within the range, and I don’t think it’ll be too light.

One other thing that could have contributed to the low OG is that with only 2 gallons of water in the tun and 7 lbs of grain, the grain bed did not hold temperature as well as it ususally does.  I normally don’t even lose 1 degree over an hour, and in this case lost around 8 degrees.  There’s a chance this may affect the body of the beer too, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Below are pics and the recipe.

Blue Agave Wheat
American Wheat or Rye Beer
Type: All Grain Date: 3/1/2008
Batch Size: 5.50 gal Brewer: Dave Blue
Boil Size: 7.47 gal Asst Brewer:
Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: Brew Pot (9 gal) and Igloo Cooler (12 Gal)
Taste Rating(out of 50): 35.0 Brewhouse Efficiency: 80.00
Taste Notes:
Amount Item Type % or IBU
4.40 lb Wheat Malt, Ger (2.0 SRM) Grain 47.93 %
2.25 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (3.8 SRM) Grain 24.51 %
0.33 lb Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain 3.59 %
0.60 oz Tettnang [3.80 %] (60 min) Hops 8.6 IBU
0.50 oz Tettnang [3.80 %] (15 min) Hops 3.5 IBU
0.50 oz Tettnang [3.80 %] (3 min) Hops 0.9 IBU
0.15 oz Lime Zest (Boil 3.0 min) Misc
0.40 oz Orange Peel, Sweet (Boil 3.0 min) Misc
2.20 lb Blue Agave Nectar (3.0 SRM) Sugar 23.97 %
Beer Profile
Est Original Gravity: 1.053 SG Measured Original Gravity: 1.047 SG
Est Final Gravity: 1.014 SG Measured Final Gravity:
Estimated Alcohol by Vol: 5.07 % Actual Alcohol by Vol:
Bitterness: 13.0 IBU Calories:
Est Color: 4.2 SRM Color:


Mash Profile
Mash Name: Single Infusion, Medium Body, No Mash Out Total Grain Weight: 6.98 lb
Sparge Water: 6.39 gal Grain Temperature: 67.0 F
Sparge Temperature: 168.0 F TunTemperature: 72.0 F
Adjust Temp for Equipment: FALSE Mash PH: 5.4 PH
Single Infusion, Medium Body, No Mash Out
Step Time Name Description Step Temp
60 min Mash In Add 7.68 qt of water at 169.6 F 155.0 F

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