Finally, an update!

So I’m finally getting around to posting some new info…I have a lot to talk about and some new pics to share.

GBS had their first annual Champion of the Pint competition on April 10th.  We ended up getting 132 entries, and had a lot of great beers.  I ended up judging American Ales in  the morning and the Specialty category in the afternoon.

The competition was a great experience, and for being our first it went off with relatively few hiccups.  The few that we did have were noted and we have added it to lessons learned.

Champion of the Pint Medals

Champion of the Pint Medals

I entered 4 beers: an ESB, a Northern English Brown, a Dortmunder Export, an American Wheat(Gumballhead Clone), and a Weizenbock.  The Gumballhead Clone ended up winning  a gold, with the Weizenbock, Northern English Brown, and Dortmunder Exports all winning bronze medals.  I’ll post recipes for the winners in a followup post. (The Dortmunder is already posted).
My hops are going Crazy this year, they’re already in excess of 15 feet.

I’ve also finally gotten around to adding Quick Disconnects to my mash tun to facilitate pump hookup for recirculation (vorlauf) and pumping to the boil kettle.
That’s it for now, I will be posting recipes for the beers mentioned above soon.


~ by kungfool on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Finally, an update!”

  1. Congrats on the awards!

  2. Hey Dave this is Dave, aka al capone junior, we met at the Schlafly hop in the city. Looking to be in St Louis around new year’s weekend, probably for at least one day for a trip to Schlafly taproom and Lumiere, perhaps another day or even two for general beer-related nonsense around town.

    Want to get some great takeout from Schlafly and elsewhere. Really liked Schlafly’s quad and tripel a whole lot, plan to get some of those for aging and some for consumption. Also got a growler from there so plan to fill that bad boy up!

    Might have to hit up the o’fallon brewer next.

    If you’d like to meet up, I plan to be there friday the 31st and sat the 1st, maybe sunday the 2nd too.

    Also, please add me to your email list, subscription, or whatever.



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